Eternal Sacrifice

  • Aurum Solis (Catharsis of a Himog Illuminates for Thanatherous Aleph)
  • Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate Cover)
  • Ignis Mallus, a Tale Of Lullabies (prelude)
  • Paganus Doctrina (opus II: Rustic Places Of Eternal God From Ancient Phoenician
  • the ceremony of pentagrams consecration
  • The Golden Serpent Kundaline om the Bows of Stone of the Water and Sun Into the Temple of Salomon (Poetic Rhapsody)
  • The Mortal in the Valley of the Beltion of Fire and the Mystic Sword of Archanun Baal Iblis at Regency of the Mountain Poet... The Great Magician ! (MUSICKANTIGA il troto)
  • Paganus Doctrina (OPUS II: Rustic Places of Eternal God from Ancient Phoenician Civilization Newborn Child Sacrifice)

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